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NEW: CrowdSearcher Module – SEnukeTNG’s unique CrowdSearcher module will boost your websites Search CTR ‘through the roof’ and drastically reduce bounce rate…all on autopilot.

SEO experts agree that TODAYS top ranking factors include Traffic & Engagement metrics such as “Search Click Through Rate” & “Bounce Rate” combined with a strategic and diverse backlink link profile.

You have seen how easy SEnukeTNG makes it to create high profile quality backlinks using todays proven linking strategies.

Well now TNG takes it to another level and gives you the power to influence User Experience metrics like Search Click Through Rate AND Bounce Rate.

Introducing CrowdSearcher!

Simply enter your URL and the keywords you wish to rank for.

SEnuke TNG will then use its NEW proprietary CrowdSearcher process to query Google for your specified terms, click on your search listings, then visit your website AND even its pages.

The sheer power of this feature alone provides a clear-cut advantage, giving you much more ranking influence over your keywords than any other available SEO tool.

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