• Whats the Page rank of the links you will create for me?

All the links created will be PR1 to PR7.

  • What kind of sites will you post into?

We will post into Social networks, Social bookmarks, Web2.0, PDF, Press releases, Wikis, and forus, plus article directories sites, all PR1 to PR7!

  • How may links will you create?

We will change the # links in each submission, so that we will not leave footprints, so link count will change, but will be around 300 to 500 links as average, PR1 to PR7 for recurring plans.

  • Can i change Kws  later? 

Of course! You can change your URLs whenever you feel like it. But we do recommend that you promote the same URLs at least for a while to get best results.

  • Do i need to provide Articles?

Not at all! We already have a team of highly experienced professional writers that will create search engine optimized content.

  • How long will it take my site to reach top ranks?

You will start seeing results shortly after your campaign start, the time it takes for you to achieve top rankings depend on many factors, one of the factors being your on page SEO, Kw Selection and competition. Some niches may take longer to achieve a higher position in the search engines, while others may be easily dominated with a single one month campaign. As an average, page 1 can be achieved in 1 to 3 months work, but this may differ in some cases.

  • Can you help with Onpage seo?

Yes we can . Onpage seo aid is included in all recurring plans. We will go over your site and tell you exactly what to change and where, then you will have to edit the site, we wont log into your site.

  • I dont know which Kws to choose, can you help me decide?

Sure! All recurring plans include Kw aid if needed. We can recommend the best kws in your niche.

  • I will like to track my ranks on my own. Can you recommend any ranking track software?

Yes sure we can! The best Tracking software we can recommend: SERPBOOK Is by far the best rank tracker today. You Can Sign In at the link provided.

  • How many links will you create for me?

SEO is about quality, not quantity. Nukemysite will provide contextually relevant backlinks from a wide variety of high quality sources.  Some come from our private,  blog network featuring PR 3 to PR 5 authority sites, Social bookmarks, Social networks, Wikis, Web2.0 and press release websites.  This diversity provides the most natural link pattern proven to rocket your rankings. We will also change the # and % of link Types in every campaign so that we avoid footprints and keep your sites free of google penalties.

  • Are links permanent?

Yes, We will NOT take down the links, even if you decide to stop subscription.

  • Will i receive a report?

Yes! You will get a report of all the links we have created for you, you can click on them and visit each of the sites.

  • Is adult accepted?

Yes its accepted ONLY in the HERCULES and Commander  plan .