Senuke TNG Outsourcing Services: Get A Page 1 Rank In Just Weeks!

No doubt Senuke TNG is a great tool, but lets be honest,  it can be hard to learn how to use it properly, not to mention how time consuming it is to create and run each campaign! Most business owners cannot spend so much time and effort in seo.  In addition, in order  to run Senuke you need to consider some extra costs as vps, captchas, proxies and article builders increasing the cost of using the tool…

Leave the nuking to the experts!  We can run your campaigns, and it will cost you much less than Senuke TNG monthly subscription cost!

NukeMySite is a Senuke Expert, one of the most reputable seo agences, providing SEO Services for over a decade. Our Senuke services are Panda and Penguin safe. We have developed an extremely effective campaign that could rank your sites safely. Depending on your site´s on page seo and history, we can usually achieve a page 1 rank in less than 3 months!



All Our Recurring Plans Include:

  • Free Kw and On page SEO Help

    Free Kw and On page SEO Help

    New to SEO and have no Idea About which kws to target or how to ammend On page SEO? No Problem. We will assist you in choosing the best kws and on-page in your niche...and at no extra cost! We've got a dedicated team SENukers, working 24/7 to create successful campaigns for you. Sit down and relax, Our passionate team has you covered!

  • Full report with all links Created

    Full report with all links Created

    Once campaign concludes, you will get a full report with all the links created for you, so you can check and visit each link yourself. All Our recurring plans include a professional 3 tier structure: articles, Social Networks and Bookmarks, Web2.0, Pdfs, and Forum profiles to Boost your ranks to the top of Google!

  • We Provide The Articles For Your Campaigns

    We Provide The Articles For Your Campaigns

    We Provide The Articles For Your Campaigns, so no need to worry about that...and at no extra cost! You need no previous experience to use NukeMySite service. Even if you've got zero experience with SENuke and SEO, our Team will handle all needed tasks. - we'd love to have you onboard!!

Check Out Our Low Prices!

Less than senuke subscription cost, and we do all the work for you!

One Time Nuker



  • One LITE Campaign
  • 1 Domain
  • 10 kws
  • No Kw selection Aid
  • No On-Page SEO Aid
  • No Recurring
  • Report in 10 days
  • ALL PR1 to PR7 links
  • About 100 links created

Nuke Gladiator


  • 1 domains up to 2 urls
  • 10 kws/ domain
  • 2 campaigns a month (double strength)!!
  • Kw selection Aid
  • On-Page SEO Aid
  • Monthly Plan
  • Report in 10 days
  • ALL PR1 to PR7 links
  • About 300 to 500 links created

Nuke Commander


  • Up to 2 domains, up to 4 urls
  • 20 kws
  • 4 Runs a month
  • Kw selection Aid
  • On-Page SEO Aid
  • Monthly Plan
  • Report 10 days
  • ALL PR1 to PR7 links
  • About 600 to 1000 links created

Nuke Hercules


  • Up to 3 domains, up to 6 urls
  • 30 kws
  • 6 Runs a month
  • Kw selection Aid
  • On-Page SEO Aid
  • Monthly Plan
  • Report in 10 days
  • ALL PR1 to PR7 links
  • about 900 to 1200 links created

Time Is Now! Limited # of slots available.

Now we don’t say this to get you false scarcity, but there are a very limited # of slots available…as there is a very limited supply of High pr domains that follow our selective criteria. This is just the real truth.

We could only be serving a limited amount of people before we close signup. Therefore it will be first come first serve, and you need to act NOW if you don’t want to get left behind! Hurry and get your spot, we will be closing up signup  as soon as the available slots are taken. Chances are other people are also reading this and will take advantage of this powerful hands-off service. Get a Solid and long-lasting Top rank in weeks! Due to overwhelming popularity we only have a few slots available. Get yours before we run out of spaces!

Get action NOW, we just cannot guarantee this service will run for ever at this low cost, pricing will be increasing soon.

What are you waiting for? Get one of our very limited spots TODAY! This is the last SEO service you will ever need!

Do you need help with your order, or want to chat online/ have doubts? Our  Super experienced support team is Online now to clear all your doubts. Just Ping us.

Contact us at Skype : Cnocetti1  .We will be happy to help you with your order!

Read what Our Customers Are Saying

  • This Seo Service Rocks!! They helped skyrocket us to not only the first page for a competitive keyword in my area but the number 1 position! Working with The Team is great. They are always there ready to help you with everything and answer any questions. I couldnt ask for a better SEO, “backbone” for backlinking. They have stayed totally relevant with the Penguin and Panda changes from the way they do keyword variety etc. If you are looking to get great backlinks that take you to the top of the SERP’s then NukeMySite is the organization to use. Bar none!!
    John R.- Colorado Usa
  • I’ve gotta leave a positive review! I’m amazed by the results. They took a basically brand spanking new site and got me to page 1 for my 3 main keywords in about 2-3 weeks. I am also number 1 for the main keyword as well! Sales have gone up a bit and I think they will continue to increase. It was well worth the $. I’m planning on using them for more projects in the near future!
    Tim Evans - London Uk
  • I cannot praise NukeMySite and the SEO Team highly enough I have used the one time plan 4 times now on different sites and they have achieved page one rankings for the required search terms one of them has hit top spot and stayed there. The search terms ate quite competitive in my opinion and for my latest order I was unsure about a couple of things so I contacted Cecilia on Skype and she was more than helpful about what was needed and nothing was too much trouble for her. I will definitely be using this service a lot more and cannot recommend it enough. Our last two orders came from nowhere on to page one. Thanks for the great service – keep up the great work.
    Susan Tiglar - Florida Usa
  • After the first 10 days I am already ranking in Google for 10 keywords page 1(…) I am also already getting +60 site visitors per day!! Not bad considering I was getting 0 visitors 10 days ago. As you can imagine I am very happy with the service, great start! Cecilia and the team thank you for the amazing job! Keep the good work!!!
  • I just want to add my note to all the fan mail. We’ve been using them for about 5 months, and our keywords have gone from pages 8-15 to the first four, in some cases the top one or two on page 1. Our hard KWs I don’t expect to hit the first page, since the manufacturer and big-name retailers are always going to be there. We got those results in the first month or so, too – I was quite surprised. I don’t see any effects from Panda at this time – mid July ’13. As Cecilia explained – and the reports show – it’s quite a pyramid of references that they create. A lot of work, but it pays off. There’s no way I could beat these results, and the price is great!
  • Another happy customer – at least so far so good I would say! On a recurring package and seem a good amount of movement in almost all keywords and it’s only been 1 month. Most keywords are for a highly competitive niche so I am pleased at the moment. The biggest and most competitive keywords and now on page 1 or 2 from practically no where. Customer Service is good as well. Probably will use another recurring package for a second business of mine.
  • I have been subscribed to this service for 2 months now and I am seeing fantastic results. The customer support you get is on a level of its own. Not even top-notch service providers can compare to how good the support from this service is. I’ll try to include a more comprehensive review on their results later on but let me just tell you that I have a lot of those keywords com from nowhere( not top 100) and reach the first page. Over all great improvements on all keywords.